On June 20th, VFW Post 406 Member, Brigadier General Peter B. Zwack(USA Ret), presented a lecture, “Assessing the Russia-Ukraine Conflict; Observations and Perspectives from the Past Four Months”, to a packed house at Newport Elks. 

BG Zwack currently a Global Fellow with the Wilson Center’s Kennan Institute,  provided an assessment of Russia’s performance as well as his own personal perspectives on Russia. 
Gen. Zwack also served as The United States Senior Defense Official and Attaché to the Russian Federation from 2012-2014 and is an accomplished author and guest speaker. 

His most recent works “Swimming the Volga: A U.S. Army Officer’s Experiences in Pre-Putin Russia” and “Afghanistan Kabul Kurier: One Soldier’s Story of the Taliban, Tribes & Loyalties, Opium Trade, & Burqas” are easily purchased on Amazon in hard copy and digital formats.

Please contact General Zwack directly if you would like to have a copy of either book signed and for information about General Zwack’s speaking schedule, at: zrussian@gmail.com.

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